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American Bender Project #1 - Hooks
We recently had to make several hundred hooks for a company in Saskatoon.  This simple hook will be the first project on our American Bender projects page.

The tooling required for this project is:

Bending dog      Offset pin
Eye pin            " center pin
U-pin               U-pin roller
Project #1  -  Hooks
(March, 2005)
One of the main advantages of the American Bender is the ability to bend on top of the machine.  The capacity for this type of bend is 5/8" hot rolled steel (HRS), bent cold.  Hot bending, the capacity is doubled.  We are using 3/8" HRS for this hook.
The set up is shown here in Picture #1.  Note the U-pin roller is placed over the3/4" center pin.  This was done for the correct inside diameter (I.D.) of the bend.
Picture #2 shows the beginning of the first bend.  The swing frame is in the start position as far back as it will go.  A 1 1/2" straight piece was needed before the bend.  This is where the nose of the dog is set.  Make sure the dog is snug up against the material.
Simply pull the swing frame around to the desired bend.  When doing multiple bends, you can use the stock block to limit the swing frame travel.
Picture #3 shows the completion of the bend on the second bend of the hook.
Click on the images for a larger view.
The next project will be a heavier hook of 1/2" square, bent on the diamond.  Any comments, suggestions or questions on our projects would be appreciated.