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American Bender Project #2 - Diamond Hooks
The second bending project in our series is bending hooks on the diamond.  We have used this technique in many projects including plain hooks, wall sconces and gates.

The tooling required for this project is:

U-pin           Roller
Flat Pin        Special V Die
Project #2  -  Diamond Hooks
(May, 2005)
We are using 1/2" square mild steel with the die and bending happening inside the bender frame.  1/2" material could easily be bent on top of the machine as in Project #1.  Using this configuration greatly increases the capacity of the bender.
The special V die and finished hook are shown in Picture #1.  The die is made from solid shaft with a 90 degree groove machined into it.  Remember the bottom of the V groove determines the final dimension of the hook.
The basic machine set up is shown in Picture #2.  Note the roller mounted on the U-pin in the main frame.  This allows the friction to be reduced and the material to be easily pulled around the V die.
Click on the images for a larger view.
Project #3 will deal with bending arcs and circles.  Any comments, suggestions or questions on our projects would be appreciated.
Picture #3 shows the start of the bend.  The flat pin on the swing frame will grip the material and pull it around the die without slipping.
Picture #4 shows the completed bend.  Note the stop block on circle gauge to limit the swing frame travel.